Holiday House Michelangelo in Civitavecchia


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    Via dei classiari 1
    00053 Civitavecchia, Roma

    +39 339 70 14 159
    [email protected]


    By Car

    Civitavecchia is easily accessible from both north and south by driving along the A12 / E80 or SS1 (Aurelia). The Michelangelo Apartment is equidistant from the exits Civitavecchia North and South.

    By Train

    Civitavecchia Station is located on the railway line FL5, which connects Rome to Pisa (less frequently to Genoa). Trains from Rome depart every 30 minutes and they take one hour to Civitavecchia; guests coming from north can take trains in Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto. On Sundays all trains run less frequently.
    Our apartment in Civitavecchia is a 9-minute walk from the train station. (Click HERE to view the route)

    By Ship

    Besides being real landmark for all cruises in the Mediterranean Sea, the port of Civitavecchia is reached by ferries leaving from Sardinia, Sicily, France (Toulon) and Spain (Barcelona).
    Our b&b is a 12 minutes walk from the Fortress gate of the port (click HERE to view the route); if you travel by car you will have to get out of the port from the Vespucci gate (Largo della Pace), 5 minutes drive from our B&B (click HERE to view the route).

    By Plane

    If you are landing at the international airport of Fiumicino (Leonardo Da Vinci) you can hire a car and take the A12 highway; in 50 minutes you will arrive to Civitavecchia (view the route). You can also take the train from the airport and get off at Roma Trastevere Station; from platform 5 there is a train every 30 minutes to Civitavecchia (view the route).

    (distances as the crow flies)

    ▪Siligato private hospital - (Civitavecchia) 604 Meters    map
    ▪Court of Civitavecchia - (Civitavecchia) 758 Meters    map
    Civitavecchia trainstation - (Civitavecchia) 769 Meters    map
    ▪San Paolo hospital - (Civitavecchia) 890 Meters    map
    National Archaeological Museum - (Civitavecchia) 1,14 KM    map
    Michelangelo fortress - (Civitavecchia) 1,39 KM    map
    Civitavecchia harbour, port of Rome - (Civitavecchia) 1,59 KM    map
    ▪Stadium "Giovanni Maria Fattori" - (Civitavecchia) 2,33 KM   map
    Ficoncella hot springs - (Civitavecchia) 3,60 KM   map
    Aquafelix water park - (Civitavecchia) 3,69 KM   map
    Terme Taurine Roman ruins - (Civitavecchia) 3,70 KM   map
    ▪Highway A12 Civitavecchia north - 2,7 KM   map
    ▪Highway A12 south Civitavecchia - 4,55 KM   map
    ▪Shopping center La Scaglia - (Civitavecchia) 5,02 KM   map
    ▪Torrevaldaliga power station - (Civitavecchia) 5,72 KM   map
    ▪Civic museum De La Grange - (Allumiere) 12,9 KM   map
    Tomb of the ogre - Etruscan Necropolis - (Tarquinia) 17,2 KM   map
    Monterozzi Etruscan necropolis - (Tarquinia) 17,8 KM   map

    ▪Tarquinia hospital - (Tarquinia) 18,0 KM    map
    Etruscan National museum - (Tarquinia) 18,5 KM    map
    ▪Tarquinia beach - (Tarquinia) 18,2 KM    map
    Tarquinia castle - (Tarquinia) 18,9 KM    map
    ▪Ara della Regina - Etruscan site - (Tarquinia) 18,4 KM    map
    ▪Town Hall - (Tarquinia) 18,5 KM    map
    Santa Severa castle - (Santa Marinella) 19,2 KM    map
    ▪Tolfa mountains - (Tolfa) 21,4 KM    map
    ▪Stigliano hot baths - (Canale Monterano) 26,3 KM    map
    Torre Flavia natural reserve - (Ladispoli) 30,6 KM    map
    ▪Murelle beach - (Montalto Marina) 32,6 KM    map
    Etruscan cimitery of Banditaccia - (Cerveteri) 33,9 KM    map
    ▪Ruspoli Castle - (Cerveteri) 34,3 KM    map
    ▪Cerite National Museum - (Cerveteri) 34,4 KM    map
    ▪Etruscan necropolis of Sorbo - (Cerveteri) 34,5 KM    map
    ▪Ladispoli trainstation - (Ladispoli) 34,6 KM    map
    ▪Altieri Palace - (Oriolo Romano) 37,9 KM map

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