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Thermal baths and roman ruins

If you want to enjoy a day of history and well-being you should visit the archaeological site of Terme Taurine and later soak in the tubs of Ficoncella spas. The area of these ancient baths is located on a green hill at about 3 km from our apartment.

The beneficial properties of the thermal waters were already known to the ancient Romans, who founded the large complex of the Terme Taurine (1), also known as Baths of Trajan, in honor of the founder of the city. The center was equipped with every comfort: locker rooms, massage room, steam room; all it decorated with mosaics and marble. (Photo by Roberto Diottasi)

While you walk through the picturesque ruins you can imagine the ancient splendor of this spa complex; you can also visit the beautiful botanical garden with various species of plants and flowers existing in Roman times.
During summer the archeological site can host concerts and theatrical performances.
If you do not have a car you can reach the Terme Taurine by bus: Line B will take you to the roman spa three times a day from the train station, with departures at 9:10, 11:10, 12:10.

Open every day from 9:30 to 13:30.
Ticket costs € 8.00.

In order to bathe in the same hot springs used by the ancient Romans, you have to move to the Ficoncella spa (2), whose water flows from the same source than 2000 years ago! The beneficial properties are still the same: the immersion in these waters or the inhalation of their vapors are recommended for the treatment of several diseases; however ask your doctor for any contraindications, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or from heart problems. The spa has five natural pools at different temperatures (between 50 and 60 ° C); there is a large parking area, a bar, changing rooms and showers. In summer the Ficoncella spa is open until 2 am ... do not miss this fantastic experience!

Winter hours: 8:00 to 20:00
Summer hours: until 2 am
Admission: € 1.50
Parking: 1,50 € every 2 hours

From our holiday apartment (Civitavecchia center) you can reach the thermal bath by car in 5 minutes.
Near the springs there is also the Aquafelix water park (3), open from June to September; please visit the website for more information.

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