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Civita di Bagnoregio

Near Bomarzo there's a surreal village known as Civita di Bagnoregio, built on top of a tufa plateau surrounded by two rivers. Surely one of the most characteristic Italian villages which is worth a trip out of town. Civita di Bagnoregio was founded by the Etruscans 2500 years ago; it retains the look of a medieval village where time seems to stand still, only accessible via a footbridge of 300 meters from where you will enjoy an unforgettable view; during foggy days the citadel seems suspended in space!

Unfortunately, due to the steady erosion of the tuff hill on which it stands, the city is slowly crumbling, for this reason it has been dubbed "the city that dies."

Inside the village you can walk through the typical medieval small streets with low houses with balconies and outside stairs, overtopped by some Renaissance palaces and the Romanesque church of San Donato; you will also find restaurants, bars, bed and breakfasts and local craft shops.

Bagnoregio la città che muore

You can easily reach Bagnoregio from our holiday house in Civitavecchia by car in 1 hour 20 minutes; once you arrive to your destination you will have to leave the car at the pay parking under the bridge. A shuttle will take you to the entrance of the bridge; the crossing of the bridge costs 1.50 €.

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